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Wonderful Veggie Lasagna

Wonderful Spinach Lasagna

Wonderful Veggie Lasagna Lasagna is a great Italian dish that is delicious no matter how you make it. Make it the traditional way with Lasagna pasta and some Marinara sauce with a little Italian spice. Layer these, some ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese in a casserole dish, bake it in the oven and there you […]

Veggie Feta Linguini

Spicy Feta Linguini

Veggie Feta Linguini Sometimes I like Spaghetti and plain or spicy marinara sauce. Nothing else to distract my encounter with this beautiful Italian meal! But on the other hand, when I want to eat healthy and have some variations, I love mixing vegetables with pasta. Italian spices and pasta lend themselves to any kind of […]

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