Meet Vasundhara

Meet Vasundhara

Vasundhara Cuisine Vasundhara Cuisine


Vasu` (Vasundhara) loves creative, versatile and innovative ventures. For example, this website was designed and developed by her from start to finish. And she loves improving it to make the visitor happy!

Vasu has a kind, gentle demeanor with an attractive vibrant personality.  She likes to do anything well – small or big,  to do the best she can, giving it a 100% of effort.  For her the job should be a work of art, then there is no reason to worry about the results over which she has no control.  While grateful for her talents, she admires and enjoys the talents of others. Most of all, she has a great sense of humor and warms up to people.

The Recipe Artist
Vasu loves all Vegetarian and Vegan cuisines. She cooks and prepares meals every day, at least twice a day. She is adamant about not using fatty foods and excessive sugar, and also about making dishes that are Healthy, without compromising wonderful Taste, Aroma and Appearance.

Having lived in the North and South of India, she has provided authentic Indian Cuisine Recipes here. But she loves other international cuisines too. So you will find wonderful Recipes for those cuisines as well. 

She has provided good, beautiful and descriptive pictures. However, the focus is on providing a complete recipe, with clear descriptions of what to do, how and when, without letting the user hanging helplessly.

The Photographer
The pictures of her Food Items were photographed by Vasu.  They depict the goodness of the dishes and the sincerity of her work.

The Writer
Vasu loves reading and writing.  Even an email or a note is given the same amount of care and attention as a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Since her interests and hobbies are so varied, she has now become an avid writer/blogger. To check out her Inspiring, Motivating and Self-Improvement Ideas on a variety of interesting and useful topics, please visit her Positive Life Happiness Website. 

The Software Engineer
One of the reasons why Vasu’s recipes are complete and thorough is because this is a skill she has acquired by being a Software Engineer in well-reputed companies for several years. Therefore, good results, productivity, effectiveness and quality control become essential.

The Singer
Vasu’s Music is inborn for her. Her singing quality is professional.  Due to her academic excellence and devotion to education, she could not pursue her career in music very young.  However, encouraged by some Famous Indian Singers and Musicians, she has later released several albums  in five different genres of Indian Music. Check out her music website Vasu Music. 

Other Interests
She loves all Sports, some more than others.  She adores Nature’s beauty, the flowers, the leaves, the trees, the vines and so on.  She adores scenic places where Nature glows in all its Splendour.  She loves decorating and beautifying, whether indoor or outdoor in her yards. For example, please scan through these…you may find them pleasing and fun! The beauty of Nature depicted in Rain..Rain… and this one about the usefulness and peacefulness of Landscaping.

Inner Peace
But the Most Important of them all for Vasu is turning inward and seeking Real Peace and Happiness. While acting according to her nature as selflessly as possible, she truly believes that nothing is more important than Kindness; Kindness is Love; and Love is God. This is not a hollow statement, because she has designed and developed Several Websites on Meditation and Life, where she provides Practical Tips on Living a Fulfilling Happy Life as well as Inner Quest for Salvation. You will see the Icons on the Sidebar under “My Other Websites you may like”.

By the way, here is a sample of some Useful Tips on Cooking and Food. There are others too.

Helpful Cooking Tips

Vasundhara Cuisine


A Well-Balanced Vegetarian Diet

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Cooking a Chore? Not any more!

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