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New Greek Salad

Greek Spinach Salad

New Greek Salad  Sometimes we feel like using ingredients that are different for the typically used ones. For a salad, the main items usually used are Lettuce, Tomatoes and Cucumber. However, in this salad, other items are used along with an invigorating salad dressing. Salad dressing recipe is provided. Hover over the highlighted Keywords below for […]

Yummy Greek Salad

Yummy Greek Salad

Yummy Greek Salad Who said Salad is boring? This recipe for Greek salad is not only tasty, flavorful and colorful, but it is also wholesome. I also have a few tasty variations from the norm – garbanzo beans and artichoke hearts. Garbanzo beans (Chick Peas) equalizes the ingredients, while the artichoke hearts adds a gourmet […]

Flavorful Couscous and Veggies

Couscous with Veggies - Greek Food is Wonderful!

Flavorful Couscous and Veggies This recipe with Couscous is typically used as a side dish. But with other side dishes with it, it can very well be served as a main dish. You can make it as tangy as you like by adjusting more lemon juice. It is very easy to make, delicious to taste […]

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