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Sambar (Bitter Gourd & Ground Spices)

Sambar with Bitter Guord

Sambar (Bitter Gourd & Ground Spices) There is the simple Sambar (pronounced Saambaar) which has become such a popular dish all over India. Besides being a tasty, aromatic sauce/stew with vegetables, it is wonderfully healthy. Believe me, the “bitter gourd” loses almost all the bitterness when the process is completed. But this Sambar here is […]

Delightful Lemon Rasam

Delightful Lemon Rasam

Delightful Lemon Rasam Rasam means Essence. Since the essence of the Dahl (lentil) alone is used, along with spices that are aromatic, this “soup”, “sauce” or “gravy” is refreshing, tasty, flavorful and healthy. The difference between this Lemon Rasam and the Regular Rasam is that some of the spices used are different, even though they […]

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