Multigrain or Sourdough Sandwich

Multigrain or Sourdough Sandwich

Sandwiches are nectar for hungry souls who have to be at work many hours a day. Especially, if you want make your own sandwich and take it with you to work, sandwich is an easy, healthy solution. In addition to that, there is so much variety possible. Besides, it can be light, so it lets you continue with your work after eating instead of wanting to take a nap. Viva las sandwiches!

Multigrain Sandwich with ChipsMultigrain Sandwich - a simple but tasty sandwich!Sourdough Sandwich with Pretzels. Hm? Some soup will go nice with this sandwich!Sourdough Sandwich Full. Simple but Tasty!Sourdough Sandwich Full - looks good in any angle!Sourdough Sandwich with Pretzels. Hm? Some soup will go nice with this sandwich!

Servings: 2


Sandwich slices – 4
Butter or margarine – 2 tsp
Provolone and/or Cheddar cheese slices – 4
Lettuce (green leaf, iceberg)
Tomatoes (thin slices) – 8 to 12 (1 large tomato)
Cucumber (thin slices) – 8 to 12 (6 inch cucumber)
Red onion (thin slices) – 4 (optional)
(Cucumber)Pickle Slices – 4
Deli/Yellow Mustard – optional
Tomato Ketchup – optional
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil


    1. Prepare the ingredients. Sprinkle salt, pepper, oil on the vegetable slices.
    2. Toast the bread slices lightly
    3. Place the bread slices on two plates, two slices each.
    4. Spread butter or margarine on the bread slices.
    5. On the first plate, do the following:
    6. Place one lettuce leaf on top of the first bread slice.
      Arrange the tomato slices (4 to 6) above the lettuce.
      Arrange the cucumber slices (4 to 6) on top.
      Arrange the red onion slices (1 or 2) on top.
      Add the cheese slice over that.
      Place the pickle slices over that.
      Spread mustard and ketchup.
      Place one lettuce leaf on top.
      Place the second bread slice on top of all these layers. The first sandwich is ready.
    7. Now, on the second plate follow the instructions in step 6. The second sandwich is ready.
    8. Hold each sandwich firmly and slice the sandwich right in the middle to make two halves, if desired.
    9. Garnish with parsley or colorful fruit.
    10. Serve the sandwich with chips and/or salad.


1) As mentioned earlier, you can use either Sourdough or Multigrain bread sandwich slices.
2) You can add to or substitute with provolone cheese with mozarella, pepper jack or cheddar slices.
3) You can use any lettuce.
4) If the bread is fresh, you can skip toasting.

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